Special Conference on Defining Citizenship

Deputy President

Candace Chen (SAS Puxi)



1) Ensuring fair access to medicines, vaccines and medical equipment without distinctions of any race, nationality and religion.  

2) Mitigating the effect of Greece’s debt crisis on the world economy  

3) Measures to protect chimpanzees, gorillas and other great apes from human respiratory diseases. 



Gleb Tsikhanovich (SSIS)


Hello, I am Gleb Tsikhanovich, and it is my greatest honour to serve as the President of Special Conference for SHASMUN IX along with Candace and Troy. I have attended quite a few conferences both as a delegates and as a student officer. But SHASMUN VI was where it all began for me. At my first conference I didn’t speak much, it was very difficult and nerve racking. I didn’t know any rules of procedure, and it almost seemed like the entire committee was my enemy. It was after this conference though, that I truly began appreciating MUN. If SHASMUN is your first conference, then be brave, courageous and attentive, because the first conference will set your foundation for years to come. And if you already have some experience in debating and MUN, I challenge you to push yourselves and to step out of your comfort zones. With that said, I am excited to meet all of you in November! 

Hello everyone! My name is Candace Chen, and it is my honor to be serving as your deputy president of Special Conference this year. Throughout the numerous conferences that I have attended in the past three years, I can say that every MUN conference provided me with a unique and valuable experience. The experiences are what led me to develop a genuine passion for the MUN community. Through this year’s SHASMUN, I hope all delegates can receive their own unique experiences through upholding high standards while establishing an environment suited for constructive and cooperative discussions. I look forward to seeing delegates address some of the pressing issues we are currently facing, and also excited to meet all of the delegates this November! 

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