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Hello, my name is Gleb, and it is an honour for me to serve as the President of Special Conference. I am currently a senior at the Shanghai Singapore International School. I have been doing MUN since 8th grade, and few things can contend with the incredible energy that a conference brings. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 most conferences between 2020 and 2021 were postponed, cancelled or moved online. But now, restrictions are slowly being lifted and we can experience face-to-face conferences again. If this your first MUN conference, I warmly welcome you to the world of MUN. Remember to trust yourself, be brave, and most of all to enjoy the experience. If you are a returning delegate welcome back; I expect you will debate fiercely and passionately in committee. With that said, I am thrilled and can’t wait to see you at SHASMUN IX!

Hello everyone! My name is Candace Chen, and it is my honor to be serving as your deputy president of Special Conference this year. Throughout the numerous conferences that I have attended in the past years, I can say that every MUN conference provided me with a unique and valuable experience. The experiences are what led me to develop a genuine passion for MUN. Through this year’s SHASMUN, I hope all delegates can receive their own unique experiences through upholding high standards while establishing an environment suited for constructive and cooperative discussions. I look forward to seeing delegates address some of the pressing issues we are currently facing, and also excited to meet all of the delegates this November!

My name is Celine Wang and it is my utmost honor to take part of this journey as the Secretary General Emeritus of SHASMUN IX “The Butterfly Effect” but as well a chair of the Special Conference. SHASMUN has witnessed my growth from a page to a Secretary General, and now an emeritus role supporting and advising the team and I'm beyond excited to be serving be able to contribute in two positions at my last conference. Each and every year, SHASMUN continues to uphold its nurturing yet diplomatic environment to foster an unparalleled experience of everlasting bonds and memories for its participants and I am certain that this year will be no different.  


In this unique, history changing, period of time, I look forward for us to meet this November — to analyze the role of the butterfly effect in issues devastating countless people before us and prevent history from repeating itself. Welcome to SHASMUN IX! 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at!

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