Special Conference on Defining Citizenship

Deputy President

Kylie Lau (AISHK)


Deputy President

Eva Yuan (SAS Pudong)



Michelle Huang (SAS Pudong)


Welcome, distinguished directors, guests, and delegates to SHASMUN VIII! My name is Michelle Huang and I’m delighted to be serving as your President of the Special Committee. Like many of my peers at SAS, I started MUN in the Fifth Grade and have attended over 15 conferences regionally and internationally, in the positions of both delegates and Chairs; and yet, I always find myself learning more and more from the delegates and chairs at each conference. Throughout my MUN career, I have come to understand that what makes a committee truly memorable far surpasses the awards or how many speeches delegates are able to make––rather, it’s how they are able to target paramount world issues with a sensitivity and awareness through their words. I can’t wait to meet this year’s delegation and send you all my regards for tackling one of our most pressing, and yet insidious issues yet: that of complacency. Good luck to all and I hope to see you soon!

Hi everyone! My name is Kylie Lau, and I'm serving as one of your deputies in the Special Conference. I’m a Year 11 student at the Australian International School in Hong Kong, where I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunities to attend many conferences locally and internationally. Through all those experiences, SHASMUN never fails to be a highlight each year, and with this being my fourth SHASMUN conference (and the third time in SPC here!), I’m beyond excited to chair a committee that’s left many significant memories in my MUN career. As delegates of the Special Conference, expect to take on more nuanced topics that will challenge your approach to solving our world’s many issues. Thus, I hope that the SHASMUN Special Conference can give you an experience as rewarding as mine have been, and that you learn to become even better speakers and debaters. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Greetings, and welcome to SHASMUN VIII. My name is Eva Yuan and I am honored to serve as your Deputy President of the Special Conference on the Complacency Crisis. I joined MUN in the sixth grade, and in the three years since, I have had the privilege of working with incredibly skilled delegates, student officers, and Secretaries General. MUN has, and continues to, train this generation to understand the nuances of global politics, grasp the importance of multilateralism and diplomacy, and truly develop an international lens. Through this program, I have grown, and I look forward to inspiring that growth in delegates in this committee. At SHASMUN, I hope to facilitate positive, collaborative discussion about the complacency crisis. 

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