Security Council 1


Sherissa Wu (SAS Pudong)


Welcome to SHASMUN!

My name is Sherissa Wu, and it is my honor to serve as the president of Security Council.

I began my MUN career in the fifth grade as a page. Tasked with passing notes filled with a language I did not yet understand, what I did not know was that five years from then, I would be chairing in conferences as prestigious as SHASMUN and delegating in over a dozen conferences around the globe. Throughout my journey in MUN, I have experienced firsthand the positive impacts the program has on its participants. Delegates are not only tasked with resolving some of society’s most pressing issues, but also challenged to find compromise within the construction of a world in which we all must live. In addition to the theoretical norms of MUN, the personal and social nature of Model United Nations conferences is also extremely important. In this way, the personal is political – we make lifelong friendships built around global issues and our genuine desire to make a difference. I look forward to a positive and rewarding SHASMUN VIII, where I hope all delegates will work together to resolve complacency in global issues as well as gain valuable insight into diplomacy and the politics that live behind it.

Deputy President

Guan Rong Tan (DCB)


Esteemed directors and delegates, welcome to SHASMUN VIII. My name is Guan Rong Tan from Dulwich College Beijing and it is my honor to serve as Deputy President of Security Council One. I began my MUN journey as a delegate at SHASMUN IV four years ago. The impressionable professionalism of SHASMUN and sheer passion of the delegates towards MUN and building a collaborative environment still strikes me. I look forward to facilitating a professional and welcoming committee which would hopefully empower each and every delegate to strive for their fullest potential. With that, I wish you all the very best in preparations for the conference and implore you to build new insights regarding the Complacency Crisis!

Deputy President

Kerry Li (SAS Pudong)


Most-esteemed directors, fellow student officers, distinguished guests, and delegates, my name is Kerry Li, and it is my honor to be serving as the Deputy-President of Security Council 1 at SHASMUN VIII. This will be my second chairing opportunity out of my three years in MUN, but the first at SHASMUN. Throughout the three years, I had traveled to places ranging from Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, to Hanoi attending conferences. These experiences taught me the importance of collaboration between all participants to establish a committee where we can analytically and persuasively tackle the presented global issues. Before the upcoming SHASMUN VIII, I had experienced this conference both as an admin and a delegate. Through these learnings, I can assure you that SHASMUN will be unique for everyone involved. Along with my co-chairs, I hope to provide the delegates with a MUN experience that will remain forever memorable. I look forward to meeting all of you in November, where we can finally address the Complacency Crisis with all the talented and intelligent minds of the house.

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