Security Council

Kerry Li (SASPD)


Most-esteemed directors, fellow student officers, distinguished guests, and delegates, welcome to SHASMUN IX. My name is Kerry Li, and I am a senior at SAS Pudong. It is my honor and pleasure to serve as the President of the Security Council. Having experienced this conference as an admin, delegate, and a chair, I can assure that SHASMUN will not disappoint. SHASMUN provides an environment of professionalism, collaborative spirit, and growth, ensuring that participants of all calibers can benefit from the experience. Throughout my three years of participation in the Model United Nations program, I have chaired and delegated at conferences around Asia. Diversity of cultures and opinions is a common aspect of such journeys. However, the intent to tackle presented issues through compromise and communication is universal. I am confident that all members of the Security Council can encapsulate such a sentiment, and through such, provide innovative, meticulous, and ultimately effective solutions. In our current societies, the butterfly effect of events from the past continues to haunt us. However, I have full hope that after the intensive three days of SHASMUN IX, delegates will develop insightful perspectives on the topic, becoming the founding forces of change for our future. 

Deputy President
Eva Yuan (SASPD)


Hello all, and welcome to SHASMUN IX. My name is Eva Yuan and I am honored to serve as your Deputy President of the Security Council. I am currently a sophomore at Shanghai American School Pudong, and my experience at SHASMUN has always been a pleasure. I hope to make this SHASMUN equally enriching and enjoyable. I began my MUN career in the sixth grade, and in the four years since, I have had the privilege of working with incredibly skilled delegates, student officers, and Secretaries General. MUN has, and continues to, train this generation to understand the nuances of global politics, grasp the importance of multilateralism and diplomacy, and truly develop an international perspective. Through this program, I have grown, and I look forward to inspiring that growth in delegates in this committee. In the Security Council, delegates must work to provide solutions to the world’s most difficult and complex issues. In such a small, focused committee, I am confident that debate will be high quality. I urge all delegates to think beyond the surface, consider their own fallacies, and aim for innovative, sound solutions. I look forward to welcoming you all in November.