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Security Council


1) The Situation in Cameroon
2) The use of autonomous weapons systems in armed conflict 
3) Addressing the Armenia-Azerbaijan border crisis  


Jialei Zhang (SASPD)


Esteemed delegates, student officers, directors, and guests, welcome to the Security Council of SHASMUN X!

My name is Jialei Zhang, and I am honored to serve as your President. MUN has taught me about the importance of collaboration, community, and provided me with various perspectives on global issues. 

I hope that in the Security Council and during SHASMUN, we can foster a fun and supportive environment in which delegates feel comfortable discussing and asking questions when debating and crafting resolutions. I look forward to working (virtually) with everyone in November, as we address the situations in Afghanistan and Tigray. 

If you have any questions or concerns during the conference, please feel free to ask, and in the meantime, you can contact me via email at

Deputy President
Linxiang Sheng (SHSID) 


Hello, my name is Linxiang Sheng, and I will be serving as your deputy chair in
SHASMUN X for the United Nations Security Council. I am an 11 th grader studying at Shanghai
High School International Division – specifically its International Baccalaureate program. I’ve
been participating in MUN for more than two years. In the past, I have attended 5 conferences as
Delegate and 2 conferences as Assistant Director. I consider MUN to be both a way of learning
and developing academically and a channel for me to temporarily break away from my regular
life. Personally, my skills in research, speaking, and social networking have all been further
enhanced through my participation in MUN, so I am very grateful for the community and hence
hopes that I could be a helpful presence in the chair cabinet. Outside of MUN and academics, I

enjoy listening to obscure music and casually strolling through the internet. I look forward to
meeting all of you in conference!

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