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Secretary General
Ning Ning Thor, Class of 2023


Honorable directors, esteemed student officers and delegates, 

Welcome to our tenth annual SHASMUN conference! My name is Ning Ning Thor, and I am honored to serve as your Administrative Secretary-General this year. I started my MUN journey 6 years ago at SHASMUN, as I helped pass notes for enthusiastic delegates who spoke about issues that seemed at first too hard to comprehend. Joining the MUN program taught me skills and ignited my life-long passions. And, I hope that this year SHASMUN would, similarly, facilitate students to learn, build relationships, and be inspired to help make the world a better place. As the Administrative Secretary-General, no matter if the conference be in-person or not, I hope to provide a smooth and memorable conference. We look forward to seeing you in January! 

Feel free to contact me at or the secretariat team at for any questions or concerns.

Administrative Officer
Leanne Lin, Class of 2024


Esteemed directors, student officers, delegates, chairs, and staff:


Welcome to SHASMUN X: The Sound Barrier! My name is Leanne Lin and it is my pleasure to serve as one of your administrative officers. It is definitely safe to say that SHASMUN has not only allowed me to grow as a public speaker but also a more ethical and thoughtful global citizen. When I joined MUN in sixth grade, I entered my very first conference room as a shy, quiet delegate, who was terrified of making speeches. However, the inclusivity, passion, and camaraderie that emanated from all the chairs, officers, and delegates has aided me in finding a voice in such fruitful discussions. Undoubtedly, SHASMUN is a place that fosters new, unforgettable friendships, it is a place that facilitates constructive, valuable discussions, but more importantly, it is a place where delegates can exchange ideas and forge creative and feasible resolutions to major global issues. Although we are unsure of the likelihood of hosting an offline conference, I can definitely assure you that this conference will be rewarding, fruitful, and unforgettable! I look forward to meeting everyone at SHASMUN X this winter (hopefully in person)!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or the secretariat team at

Administrative Officer
Vivian Chou, Class of 2024



Esteemed directors, honorable chairs, and fellow delegates,

Welcome to SHASMUN X! My name is Vivian Chou. MUN has been a big part of my life. It is where I blasted karaoke in the library for the first time. It is where I played dodgeball in a suit for the first time. It is where I traveled across the world without my family for the first time. It is where you step out of your comfort zone. It is where you meet everlasting friends. It is where you find the greatest highlights of the year.

MUN brings out the power of our words and our voice- ours as in the people we represent, ours as in who we strive to understand, ours as in the world we live in. As your Deputy Secretary General, I want to make sure that MUN is as meaningful as it can be: from the conference theme, to the conference preparation process, to your experience in your committee. This year’s SHASMUN conference is especially special. Our theme, The Sound Barrier, celebrates the 10th iteration by exploring the fast-paced, noise-filled life and when we ever pause to reconsider our current state. I wish that you find this conference to be as transformational as entering the first SHASMUN with 2-digits is. See you at SHASMUN X and I wish you a fantastic experience at this conference!

Feel free to reach out to me or the secretariat team~

Administrative Officer
Mathis Yang, Class of 2026



Esteemed Directors, student officers, delegates, and guests,


Welcome to SHASMUN X: The Sound Barrier! My name is Mathis Yang and I am honored to serve as one of your administrative officers. SHASMUN brought me leadership opportunities and allowed me to have the courage to speak on the podium. I entered as a shy, quiet, yet passionate, middle schooler. However, the encouragement of other delegates, chairs and officers has assisted me to step out of my comfort zone. I am more than satisfied upon seeing my growth after joining the program. SHASMUN especially aided me with finding a voice in engaging, valuable discussions, and exchanging thoughtful yet creative ideas create solutions for major global issues. SHASMUN is also a place to develop friendships and communicate with delegates across different schools. With the overwhelming and continuous number of global issues, the delegates from the committees of SHASMUN X will be creating feasible solutions towards. I look forward to seeing all at SHASMUN X in January!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or the secretariat team at

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