Human Rights Council


Andy Sofia (SAS Pudong)


Hello, my name is Andy Sofia and it is my greatest pleasure to serve as your head chair for this year’s Human Rights Council. During my three years in the MUN program, I attended over 16 conferences, and have had the privilege to work with extraordinarily talented groups of diplomats, Secretary Generals, and chairs. My own MUN journey began in SHASMUN’s HRC, and I hope to offer a MUN experience as passionate and engaging as my first experience. Before joining the MUN program, I have always admired how MUN-ers looked towards transforming themselves into better global citizens. I hope through SHASMUN that we gather together to let topics break free from complacency. See all of you in November!

Deputy President

Isabel He (SAS Pudong)


Welcome to SHASMUN 2019! My name is Isabel He, and it is my honour to serve as the Deputy president of this year’s Human Rights Council. As an upcoming Junior at Shanghai American School Pudong, I have had the pleasure of attending the past seven SHASMUNs as different positions. I was first introduced to Model United Nations 4 years ago, later soon attending my first conference MYMUN KL 2015. Throughout my MUN career, I have attended numerous conferences, This year will mark my 8th time attending SHASMUN. I hope that either if you are a new or experienced delegate, I hope you will enjoy SHASMUN as much as I have over the past 4 years and see you in the upcoming November!

Deputy President

Gleb Tsikhanovich (SSIS)


Hello, everyone! I am Gleb Tsikhanovich, and it is my utmost honour to serve as your Deputy President for the Human Rights Council. I have been passionately attending MUN conferences as a delegate all over Shanghai and the world. But my first MUN experience began here at SAS Pudong where I attended SHASMUN VI. MUN has been my passion starting from the very first conference, and I hope that the debates that I shall witness will be of the same level of passion. If this is your first conference, I wish you all the best and encourage you to be courageous, speak up and debate.Make sure that you are heard! For returning delegates I would like to see you guys debating fiercely, and progressing your knowledge and skill as a delegate to even greater levels. With that said I sincerely look forward to meeting you all in November.

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