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Human Rights Council


1) Addressing disinformation campaigns and the spread of false information in the digital age 

2) Addressing the human rights violations towards the people of Myanmar 
3) Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Employment and Education 


Jeffrey Tu (CISS)


Hi, My name is Jeffrey, and I am a senior at Concordia International School Shanghai. This will be my 6th time charing. Throughout the 5 years of my MUN experience,  I have always valued kindness that the MUN community have on each other. I have first felt it as a novice MUNer in eighth grade and many times throughout my MUN career of 16 conferences. This have made some of the best memory of my life, and I hope it will make many of yours too. Hence, in the coming SHASMUN, I would be committed to upholding that kindness possessed by the MUN community. I promise, regardless of whether this is your first conference or your 16th, you will feel welcomed. 

See you online at November!

Deputy President
Eric Chen (SASPD)


Hi! Welcome to the Human Rights Council. My name is Eric — and I’ll serve as your deputy-chair for this committee. I still clearly remember my first conference over three years ago. I was still a page back then at SHASMUN, and, surprisingly, I was paging at the HRC. This will be my 4th SHASMUN and 6th conference. I’ll try my best to support those who are both new at MUN or experienced delegates. Hopefully, while discussing important issues like protecting the rights of indigenous populations or reporters in totalitarian governments, everyone can have fun and learn something. Hopefully, HRC will be a place where one can voice out their opinions and a place where everyone can speak and be heard. Delegates — I’m looking forward to seeing all of you (albeit online) in November.

Deputy President
Hazmath Zal

Hazmath Zal.jpg

Greetings to the Esteemed delegates.

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the United Nations Human Rights Council of SHASMUN X. I am Hazmath Zal and it’s my honor to be serving as a Deputy President of HRC. Throughout my three- year debating, and MUN career I have understood that MUN is where debaters become diplomats and I hope that SHASMUN will be the conference where you raise your voice towards finding feasible solutions and to finding your passion for international relations. When talking about Human Rights it is not something special for us but it is for the indigenous populations, the children in Yemen, the women in Iran, or the Rohingyas in Myanmar. Human rights is a reminder of what they do not have.

It has been 72 years since the Geneva Convention stated that any targeted violence against individuals would not go unpunished but we still see that the rights of Indigenous populations not being guaranteed. And the international community’s silent response is alarming there can never be peace or stability anywhere in the world that involves trading away the rights of people which keeps many in a vulnerable position internationally. While we as chairs advise maintaining decorum and order within our committee, we also encourage delegates to have fun, socialize and enjoy their time at the conference. I expect you as delegates to utilize diplomacy to discuss and bring forth creative and feasible solutions

I am excited to see you all in January!

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