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Historical Security Council


1) Addressing the Suez Crisis in Egypt in 1956
2) Addressing NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia
3) Addressing the Rwandan genocide


Emilei Lu (SASPD)

Deputy President
Riley Shih (SASPX)


Esteemed directors, honorable chairs, and fellow delegates,
Hi! I am Emilei and I am currently a junior at Shanghai American School Pudong. I am honored to serve as the president for the Historical Security Council here at SHASMUN. I started MUN during my freshman year and I have attended 4 conferences since then, including PUXIMUN, SHASMUN, and SHAMUN. MUN has helped immensely in developing my confidence and my public-speaking abilities. I hope as a chair, I can encourage delegates to push themselves to be more assertive and confident behind the podium to deliver exceptional speeches.
I am so excited to hear all the amazing resolutions delegates come up with. See you then!

Hello delegates! My name is Riley and I will be chairing for the Historical Security Council for SHASMUN X. I began my MUN journey in 8th grade, and as I attend conferences along the way, I've worked with passionate delegates who have powerful potentials, I've also helped those who  had newly joined this unique community. The satisfaction of numerous delegates standing up on the podium to support your amendment, the intense discussion between two eloquent debaters. These experiences had become precious treasure that holds a special place in my heart. Through MUN, I see and learn from delegates as they pose cogent arguments towards stimulating topics. As we participate in exploring innumerable aspects of global issues, we acquire skills that allow us to develop and grow in diverse areas. Without further ado, I wish you all the best of luck in preparation for a compelling debate.

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