General Assembly 3


1) Countering the abuse and mismanagement of foreign aid intended for humanitarian causes 

2) Countering terrorism in a digital age

3) Alleviating the socioeconomic repercussions of an aging society 



Jonathan Wu (SAS Pudong)


Greetings everyone, and welcome to SHASMUN. I’m Jonathan, and it is my honor to serve 

as the president of the Third General Assembly. Throughout attending 13 MUN conferences, I’ve witnessed firsthand the value and potential of this program in empowering and challenging the next generation in a formal and simulated atmosphere. Meaningful political dialogue built by a wide range of perspectives truly makes a difference in helping delegates formulate nuanced understandings of our elaborate world--this process of critical thinking is applicable and beneficial to almost any field of study. Uniquely, MUN is also able to foster lasting personal and social connections, creating friendships bounded by a common spirit of activism and interest in international relations. With The Butterfly Effect being an intrinsically complex theme this year, necessitating the consideration of a variety, even seemingly insignificant factors in contributing to a singular event, I am confident that this year’s SHASMUN will positively and meaningfully impact all of us. 

Deputy President

Yuxuan Xu (SAS Pudong)


Welcome to SHASMUN IX! My name is Yuxuan Xu, and it is my pleasure to serve as your Deputy President in the Third General Assembly. My MUN journey began as a page two years ago in SHASMUN VII. The sight of lively delegates fearlessly debating on the most prominent global issues left me in awe, and prompted me to join this community dedicated towards challenging the status quo. Throughout the various conferences that I have attended since then, I have been able to appreciate the constructive nature of MUN - how delegates cooperate instead of compete, how student officers nurture rather than condescend, and how separate ideas are fused into elegant resolutions tackling the preeminent threats to humanity. This is the attitude that I hope to foster within delegates during our conference in November. I urge all participants create a valuable MUN experience for themselves, to engage in debate with sensitivity and seriousness while still having a good time by connecting with others. For now, I wish you all the best of luck in preparing for the conference, and look forwards to meeting everyone in November!

Deputy President

Teresa Shao (SAS PX)

Hello everyone! My name is Teresa, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your deputy president of GA3 this year. Throughout the numerous conferences I have attended both as a delegate and as a chair, I have had the privilege of witnessing the multilateralism, awareness, and understanding that MUN fosters. Amid a world of rising dissonance, these qualities of collaboration and empathy are perhaps more needed than ever. With MUN consistently being a place that highlights the nuance of issues and promotes diverse perspectives, I am confident that SHASMUN will be a rewarding experience for all. I look forward to seeing delegates tackle some of the most urgent issues we face, and I am beyond excited to meet you all in November! 

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