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General Assembly


1) Measures to prevent gun violence in school zones 
2) Addressing the global water crisis 
3) The question of establishing global guidelines for ethical AI development and deployment  


Bennett Tung (CISS)


Bennett Tung is currently a junior at Concordia International School Shanghai and has been an avid participant of MUN since sixth grade. Since then, he has attended many conferences across China, including TianMUN, CISSMUN, and West Lake MUN, and chaired two of Concordia’s in-house conferences. He is currently on the CISSMUN Secretariat for the third consecutive year and co-leads Concordia’s MUN club. He is looking forward to meeting new people and discussing important world issues at SHASMUN!


Deputy President
Justin Liu (SASPD)

Hi! My name is Justin. I'm a current senior at SAS PD, and this is my second year of MUN. I'm excited to be a deputy president in GA at SHASMUN X, and I hope to see delegates gain the confidence to speak, as well as see them collaborate to improve their resolutions.


Deputy President
Nan Jiang (ISB)

Greetings to all participants attending SHASMUN!

My name is Nan Jiang, I am a sophomore attending the International School of Beijing, and I am delighted to be serving as one of your deputy assistant presidents of GA1 this year. This is my fourth year in MUN and my first SHASMUN conference. 

I believe, through MUN, we share perspectives, practice critical thinking, and raise awareness of situations around the world. I look forwards to the collaboration, the collision of ideas, and thoughtful debates that will be taking place at SHASMUN. As a student officer, my goal is to make this year’s SHASMUN experience an enjoyable and memorable one for the delegates in GA1. See you at SHASMUN!

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