Environment Commission


Shana Wu (SAS Pudong)


Esteemed delegates, student officers, and program advisors, it is my pleasure to serve as the president of the Environment Commission of this year’s Shasmun! In my sixth and final year attending this conference, I look forward to working with a committee filled with engaged and passionate delegates. Beginning my journey in the MUN program back in 7th grade, I faced a series of challenges that strengthened  my competence in MUN as well as my character. I hope to return that service to our delegates in my last year, and take my part in facilitating a positive environment through which we can collectively learn and grow as a committee! 

Deputy President

Galen Gibb (SAS Pudong)


Greetings everyone, and welcome to SHASMUN VIII! My name is Galen Gibb, and I will serve as one of your deputy presidents of the Environment Commission. Though the upcoming SHASMUN will be my first position as chair, I have been a part of the Shanghai American School Pudong MUN program for several years and attended over 10 conferences as a delegate. Over the course of my experiences, I learned the importance of effective cooperation, constructive compromise, and fostering a diplomatic approach towards solving global issues. At SHASMUN VIII, I hope to communicate and share these valuable components to first-time delegates, as well as seasoned veterans. Besides this, I too, strive to maintain the prestigious reputation of this conference and to facilitate a cordial atmosphere for the committee. I look forward to seeing you all in November!

Deputy President

Joy Ryu (DCB)


Hi, my name is Joy and it is my pleasure to be serving as a deputy chair of the Environment Council. Throughout the past 4 years, I had the privilege of attending 7 conferences and getting to work with talented groups of delegates and student officers. I started my MUN journey here at SHASMUN and I am absolutely thrilled to continue my journey back from where it began. I wish you a productive debate and hope you go away with a better understanding of the world and an unforgettable memory. I look forward to working with you all in November!

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