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Environment Commission


1) Preventing zoonotic spillover events by promoting sustainable land use and human-wildlife interactions 

2) Addressing Japan's emission of nuclear wastewater into the Pacific Ocean 
3) Addressing the issue of urban sprawl in Jakarta 


Elizabeth Yu (SHSID)


Hi! I am Elizabeth Yu, and I am currently a junior at Shanghai High School International Division. I started doing MUN in ninth grade, and in the three years since then I have participated in numerous conferences, both as a delegate and as a member of the dais. At SHASMUN, I will be the chair for the Environment Commission. I hope that, through researching the two topics provided, every delegate can approach a deeper understanding of these highly relevant global issues today. I look forward to seeing everyone at the conference!

Deputy President
Neev Jain (SASPD) 


Greetings! My name is Neev, and I am a first-year student at Shanghai American School Pudong. This is my fourth year in MUN, and I am chuffed to be serving as the deputy president of the Environment Commission at SHASMUN X! I remember my first time having participated as a page, and today I'm a chair. Over the years, I have got to witness many fruitful, diplomatic, and entertaining debates, which I anticipate will continue at the upcoming conference in November. Upon that, I wish you all the best, delegates, and look forward to hearing some interesting perspectives on the topics; see you soon!

Deputy President
Catarina Nader (EAR) 


Hello delegates!! My name is Catarina Nader but you guys can call me cacau. I study in the American School of Recife and after doing Model United Nations for one year and working as a chair four times, I can assure you starting my MUN career was one of the best decisions I ever made! It is incredible how much you can learn from having fun and debating topics you are interested in. Besides, the friends I’ve made through these conferences I would not change for the world. Although, I have other interests such as music and writing, MUN has been one of my favorite pastimes so far.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can simply contact me through my e-mail, See you in January!

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