Environment Commission


1) Measures to sustainably develop regions surrounding the Nile subsidiaries  

2) Mitigating the environmental and health impacts from incidents in “dirty industries” 

3) Developing sustainable prevention measures to combat the proliferation of wildfires 


Galen Gibb (SAS Pudong)


Greetings everyone, and welcome to SHASMUN IX! My name is Galen Gibb, and it is my honor and pleasure to serve as the President of the Environment Commission. Having participated in the Shanghai American School Pudong MUN program for numerous years, my passion for evaluating global issues and collaborative problem-solving began with this conference as an admin member. This first encounter provided incredible diplomatic growth, allowing me to grasp the intricacies of how a committee operates and how delegates should approach their topics to foster substantive debate. Fortunately, four years later, SHASMUN continues to deliver a worthwhile learning experience. Along with the help of my co-chairs, I not only hope to create a supportive atmosphere for delegates to voice their opinions, but I also wish to instill these sentiments – senses of growth and progress – in each person and in the issues we discuss. See you all in November! 

Deputy President

Paarth Sharma (SSIS)


Hello, delegates, leaders, and problem-solvers! I am Paarth K. Sharma, in 10th Grade of Shanghai Singapore International School, here as your Deputy Chair of the Environment Commission!  As for an introduction - I started my MUN journey back in Grade 7, now having attended a total of 9 conferences, regionally and internationally. I have also had the privilege of serving as the Secretary-General of my school’s own MUN conference as well! 


I remember my MUN career started in the environment commission as a delegate, and it’s so great to be back, but now as a chair instead to work with all of you.  


In the midst of all the coronavirus panic, it is utterly exciting yet daunting to be a part of the Environment Commission that might be directly tackling these issues. Our committee is responsible for the fate of the Earth - climate, health, water, and food, and you all have a big responsibility to be arriving at SHASMUN this year to work to mend our Mother Earth. 


I can’t wait to be with all of you in a few months' time, firing through some of the most intense debate you might ever have, and to serve you in the most helpful ways possible. Welcome to SHASMUN IX and I’ll see you all soon in the committee rooms. 

Deputy President

Emma Zhou (SAS Pudong)


Esteemed delegates, student officers, and directors, welcome to SHASMUN IX! I am Emma Zhou and I am honored to serve as one of your deputy presidents of the Environment Commission. I started MUN in the sixth grade, and I have attended six conferences around the world, in which I was able to work with others to solve issues affecting our world. Although this conference will be my first time chairing, my previous conferences have taught me many important skills. I have learned how to be an ethical global citizen and how to resolve issues with various solutions by collaborating with other delegates. Over the years, MUN has helped me grow as a person, teaching me skills that I will never forget. I began my MUN journey as a page in SHASMUN VI, and I am honored to be a chair in SHASMUN IX. I hope to have meaningful debates and we can figure out together different ways to approach an issue. I look forward to seeing you all in SHASMUN IX!

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