Economic and Social Council


Edward Huang (SAS Pudong)


Honorable directors, fellow student officers and most esteemed delegates,

My name is Edward Huang and I am a sophomore at Shanghai American School Pudong. Having attended the past four SHASMUNs, as a chair, delegate and admin, I am honored to return and serve as the President of the Economic and Social Council. Ever since I was first introduced to the purpose and concept of MUN in fifth grade, I’ve always been fascinated with the program. And from representing the delegate of Uruguay in the Human Rights Council to the delegate of France in ECOSOC, the past four years has allowed me to grow not only as a delegate, but also as an individual. At the forthcoming SHASMUN, I wish to kindle growth, inspire fruitful debate and establish an atmosphere necessary for delegates to diplomatically discuss complex issues and exchange ideas. I look forward to an extraordinary SHASMUN!

Deputy President

Angela Dai (SMIC)


Greetings! My name is Angela Dai, and I look forward to serving as one of ECOSOC’s deputy presidents. I am currently a senior at the SMIC Private School in Shanghai, and this marks my third year in Model United Nations. I’ve had the privilege of attending eight conferences in the past both locally and internationally. Having delegated for SHASMUN as my first conference, I am excited to return as your deputy chair for ECOSOC for SHASMUN VIII. I look forward to meeting all of you in November!

Deputy President

Ryan Kaiser (SAS Pudong)


Esteemed delegates, directors and fellow student officers: welcome to the Economic and Social Council of SHASMUN VIII. My name is Ryan Park Kaiser, and it is of great privilege for me to serve as your Deputy President this year. MUN for me has always been a humbling experience, an experience that allowed me set aside my passion for victory and strive to create an atmosphere of greater learning, global awareness and confidence. As such, I implore all delegates, new and experienced alike, to make this year a fruitful one; not in a sense that it is the manifesto that determines the ultimate truth of the program, but is a motivator for you all to stay curious. Let us endeavor to make sure all of us have a productive and memorable experience in SHASMUN VIII. See you all in November.

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