Economic and Social Council


1) Measures to prevent charity fraud and eradicate the inappropriate usage of donation funds 

2) Reforming the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to address global economic inequality, trade exploitation and monetary hegemonies. 

3) Mitigating the socioeconomic impacts of the current stalemate in the Sino-American trade war 



Ethan Zhou (DCB)


Honorable directors, fellow student officers, distinguished guests, and most esteemed delegates, welcome to SHASMUN IX! 

My name is Ethan Zhou and I am a junior at Dulwich College Beijing. It is my utmost honor to be serving as President of the Economic and Social Council. Throughout the past three years, I have taken part in 11 MUN conferences across China as delegate, chair, and conference manager. Three years ago, I was a wide-eyed, hesitant debater that witnessed the magical atmosphere of SHASMUN. My three SHASMUN conferences shaped my understanding of the political realm and inspired me to see the value of diplomacy. Returning as a student officer at the forthcoming SHASMUN, I wish to facilitate a professional and dynamic environment for all delegates, so that each and every speech leads to a greater cause. My ambition is to foster students to achieve their full potential, as well as to become cosmopolitan and charitable global citizens. I look forward to meeting you all in November, when we will devote every flap of a butterfly wing to positive change in the world.  

I look forward to working with you all. 

Deputy President

Chris Li (SAS Pudong)


Honorable directors, esteemed students officers, and distinguished delegates, welcome! My name is Chris Li and I am currently a junior studying at Shanghai American School Pudong. I am honored and delighted to be serving as one of your deputy presidents of the Economic and Social Council, a committee that I have become increasingly passionate about. For the past four years, MUN has had a constant impact on my life. I remember how paging at SHASMUN V, my first conference, drew me into the complex yet fascinating workings of MUN conferences. I remember how my fellow delegates and cordial chairs encouraged me and sparked my passion in MUN. I remember how MUN has helped me develop into the well-spoken individual I am today. At SHASMUN IX, I wish to provide for you the same fruitful and enjoyable experiences that my past chairs have given me. But until then, I hope everyone stays safe and remains just as excited about this conference as I am. I look forward to working with you all at the upcoming SHASMUN! 

Deputy President

Grace Liu (SAS Pudong)


Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Guests- 

Greetings, my name is Grace Liu and I am honored to serve as your Deputy President of ECOSOC for this year's SHASMUN. I am currently a junior in SASPD. Since starting MUN in 7th grade, I have learned truly irreplaceable skills which led me to develop a great passion for the program. Having attended multiple SHASMUNs, I can say with confidence that the professionalism, along with the high standards of MUN conferences will be upheld. I look forward to being your student officer and meeting all of you in November, as well as facilitating constructive debates in looking critically at the Butterfly Effect! 

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