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Crisis Committee

Joshua Zhang (SASPD)

Greetings! I’m Joshua Zhang, a senior at Shanghai American School Pudong. This is my fourth year in MUN, and I am honored to serve as President of the Crisis Committee at SHASMUN X!

Having served two years as a seasonal secretariat and four chairing experiences under my belt, I look forward to engaging and exploring the Iran hostage crisis with you all - the Crisis topic this year. Going back in time, each of you will be a single-person delegate representing a unique standpoint in the conflict, and as an IR, political science, and history fanatic myself, I look forward to this playing out in a diplomatic, constructive, and fun way! 

Allow me to quote one of my favorite lawyers, Michael Josephson. He once said, "The world has enough beautiful mountains and meadows, spectacular skies and serene lakes. It has enough lush forests, flowered fields, and sandy beaches. It has plenty of stars and the promise of a new sunrise and sunset every day. What the world needs more of is people to appreciate and enjoy it.” Yes, the world needs more people to appreciate it, as does diplomacy. MUN is where we all come together to pursue diplomacy and explore the nuances of politics and international relations.  I look forward to joining you all in that amazing process. See you in November.

Deputy President
Chelsea Choi (SASPX) 


Honorable chairs, esteemed delegates, and most distinguished guests,
Greetings! I am Chelsea Choi, a sophomore at Shanghai American School Puxi. I am delighted to be a chair for the crisis committee in this year’s SHASMUN conference. I have been a part of MUN since grade 6 and have attended over 10 conferences, of which I have been a part of crisis for 2 conferences. I look forward to the conference and I wish for a fruitful debate.


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