Security Council 2


Claire Yin (SAS Pudong)


Esteemed directors and delegates, welcome to SHASMUN VIII! My name is Claire Yin and I am honored to serve as the President of the Security Council for the second time. I am currently a junior at Shanghai American School Pudong. SHASMUN was where I began my MUN journey. SHASMUN III was my first conference and I served as a page. Since SHASMUN III, I have delegated and chaired in 16 conferences. Through my 16 conferences across the world, I have been able to gain new experiences in chairing. As a Student Officer at SHASMUN VIII, I hope to use my experience to support delegates in finding solutions to real world problems. I look forward to constructive debate and unique solutions in the Security Council at SHASMUN.

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Deputy President

Sam Jang (CISS)


My name is Sam Jang and I will be serving as your Deputy President for the Security Council #2. I have participated in MUN for seven years, which includes thirteen conferences to date. I am fortunate to be at this privileged position to contribute to the conference known for its quality. I hope that my experience will contribute to making this conference a time of personal growth and learning for all of us in SHASMUN VIII. Over the three days of the conference, I will uphold the high standards of all past SHASMUN conferences. I hope to build a constructive and welcoming environment for rookie delegates and facilitate insightful debate for veterans. Looking forward to meeting you all, building meaningful connections and a rewarding conference!

Deputy President

Jonathan Wu (SAS Pudong)


Greeting everyone. I’m Jonathan, and I will be serving as one of the deputy presidents of Security Council 2. After experiencing 11 MUN conferences, I’ve witnessed the sheer capabilities of delegates to challenge the complex topics that revolve around the elaborate political world. Truly, the range of perspectives and voices heard and considered during debates is purposeful in the face of governmental and diplomatic corruption. At this year’s SHASMUN, I hope to once again observe the meaningful dialogue built from a common aim to craft answers to The Complacency Crisis, overseeing the types of qualities, whether it be curiosity or professionalism, that brought many to this extraordinary program in the first place. To this end, it is within my greatest belief that all participants in the committee will gain valuable insight in the world of reoccurring, underemphasized issues, with a newfound passion to explore the world of MUN. See you all in November! 

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