Historic Security Council


1) UN SC Resolution 687: Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (1991) 

2) UN SC Resolution 794: Somali Civil War (1992) 

3) UN SC Resolution 912: Rwandan Genocide (1994) 



Claire Yin (SAS Pudong)


Esteemed directors and delegates, welcome to SHASMUN VIII!  

My name is Claire Yin and I am honored to serve as the President of the Historical Security Council. I am currently a senior at Shanghai American School Pudong. SHASMUN IV was where I began my MUN journey and SHASMUN IX will be my last SHASMUN. Through my 17 conferences across the world, I have witnessed new generations of delegates. As a Student Officer at my last SHASMUN, I hope to impart my MUN wisdom onto the future generations.

Deputy President

Bradley Xu (SAS Pudong)


Hello everyone! My name is Bradley Xu, and I am absolutely honored to be your Deputy Chair for Historical Security Council this year. Currently, I am a Senior at Shanghai American School Pudong, my fourth year here. I distinctly remember first attending SHASMUN V as a visiting delegate from my old school and being blown away at the caliber of the conference. Since then, I have had the pleasure of traveling all around China to attend MUN conferences and hone down on my skills. As my 7th conference, I wish to support delegates with my experience and skills, as well as upholding the high quality of debate that have taken place in past conferences. This year’s Historical Security Council is the most unique that I have attended, and I look forwards to the amazing ideas and constructive discussion that delegates will bring. Good luck and see you soon! 

Deputy President

Rayyan Rasheed (CISS)


Greetings esteemed directors, fellow student officers, and distinguished delegates,  


My name is Rayyan Rasheed and I am honored to serve as the Deputy President of the Historical Security Council. In my four years as a delegate, I had the privilege of participating in around seven different conferences, which opened my eyes to the collaborative and passionate world of MUN. In an era marked with rapid globalization and interconnectedness, I think it is crucial that we are politically aware of our intricate surroundings. I firmly believe that MUN is a platform that enables us to channel our opinions as knowledgable citizens of the world. As the next generation, it is our job to fight for equality, propose changes to the social order, and question our government’s innate motives. Through cooperation and constructive debate, I hope we can find feasible solutions to the myriad of issues plaguing our multifaceted world. I look forward to seeing everyone in November for a fruitful and insightful debate at SHASMUN IX.

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