Theme: The Complacency Crisis

The Slanted Mirror attacked our contemporary media's obsession with tactical framing; Hear the Echo Chamber called on all delegates to stop and listen to the exceedingly toxic cycle of polarizing voices. This year, The Complacency Crisis will bring our ignorance under scrutiny.


Could we dare to call ourselves educated global citizens? Eyes glazing over, we occasionally flick through The Guardian in the morning, scroll past the "usual climate change nonsense", snicker at another caricatural Trump tweet, and move on with our days. We treat democracy as gospel while we turn a blind eye to the rise of populism. We herald "just wars" and "smart bombs", glorifying and romanticizing what boils down to modern imperialism in oxymoronic fervor. 


We are the counterfeit global citizens and the forgers of international identities. Even in Model United Nations itself, we are ersatz young diplomats. MUN veterans all know the typical solutions that delegates will deem vote-worthy. "Spreading awareness", "encouraging education", "creating a NGO", "calling for a forum" - MUN favors the cookie-cutter solutions. But just as how solutions for Greece's debt crisis cannot automatically apply to Liberia's poverty dilemma, our bandage solutions do not fit the ethos of careful diagnosis in global politics. We even fail to question policy, passing off phrases like universal basic income and structural adjustment programs as "pretentious-sounding enough." We neglect our duty to act as the international spokespeople for our countries, disguising our opinions with a placard and a suit.


This year, SHASMUN will be implementing Security Council II, where P5 countries have limited veto power. Security Council I and Security Council II will share the same topics, but we shall see how limited veto power in Security Council II affects debate proceedings and resolution refinement. Through manipulating the dimensions of the Security Council, we wish unveil the faults of the UN's structure, examine the peculiarities in power distribution within the only committee with binding power, and initiate discussion on restructuring international bodies.


This is The Complacency Crisis. A decaying global political realm at the hands of spoilt attention spans, disregard for critical thinking, and unimaginable insensitivity. We have tuned out the alarms, turned a blind eye to the red flags, and now we rest upon a throne of our own destruction.


Delegates and aspiring global citizens alike: we call on you to lose your complacency. We call on you to access diplomacy through knowledge; we call on you to take your gavel to your ambivalence, to declare curiosity as king and skepticism as queen; we call on you to listen carefully, for our world is an ancient grandfather clock that you have the responsibility of keeping on time. As you embark on SHASMUN VIII, we hope that you remember that MUN is a battleground for compromise, the Hacksaw Ridge of international relations enthusiasts, but above all, a stepping stone for us politics devotees on our way to attaining global citizenship. 


Cynthia Wang

Chief Communications Officer of SHASMUN VIII

©2019 by Shanghai American School Pudong MUN

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