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Theme: The Footnote of History

Idiomatically, “the footnote of history” refers to events or individuals that are often overlooked or regarded as insignificant in the present. As individuals who do not have first-hand experience of history before our existence, it is easy to misconstrue, belittle, or even completely neglect the importance of past historical events. However, these “footnotes” can illustrate the importance of global issues happening today. It reminds us that small details can influence the trajectory of significant events or shape the broader historical narrative. What happens today become the “footnotes” of tomorrow, and these events can later be understood as catalysts for larger changes or precursors to pivotal developments. 

It is important to note that not all events labeled as "footnotes" will gain significant recognition in the future, but this idiom highlights the importance for reinterpretation and reassessment. Shedding light on previously neglected events is critical to understanding the development of a certain issue and prompt innovative ways to preclude their reoccurrence in the future. By acknowledging their importance, we can approach history with an open mind and recognize that what seems insignificant today may play a more substantial role in shaping the future.

Leanne Lin

Deputy Secretary-General of the Administrative Branch, SHASMUN XI

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