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Addressing Complacency: A New SHASMUN 

In accordance with our theme, The Complacency Crisis, the SHASMUN Secretariat team has enacted several changes to the ethos of SHASMUN to carry through our message.


The following changes shall be observed upon SHASMUN VIII:


  1. Following up on SHASMUN VII, we will not be printing and providing customized shirts for delegates. Every year, SHASMUN only  grows in volume, reaching hundreds upon hundreds of delegates. Especially this year, as the Environment Commission will be debating the question of "Mitigating the negative environmental impacts of the world textile industry," SHASMUN wishes to be more conscious about its choices in clothing customization and distribution.

  2. This year, SHASMUN will be testing going paperless, borrowing and employing Jay Yu's MUNApp software that he created for his resident conference DISMUN. More information on the MUNApp could be found here. In the spirit of reducing paper waste, SHASMUN will hence not be passing out binders this year. We will be testing the system in four of our committees: Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council, Security Council I, and Security Council II. Before attending SHASMUN, please download a Java kit by using the following link:

  3. SHASMUN will not be providing water bottles and requests that each of its participants bring their own water bottles to the conference. Once again, this year's Environment Commission will debate the question of "Measure to reduce plastic waste in the world's ocean basins." Bringing a water bottle is habit in favor of the environment's and our wellbeing.

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