Welcome to SHASMUN IX: The Butterfly Effect!
  • IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 and recent travel restrictions, SHASMUN has been postponed to November 12-14, 2021
  • Topics have been released
  • Chairs for each committee have been allocated
SHASMUN IX SECRETARIAT (From left to right)
TOP (Secretariat): Edward Huang, Jasmine Huang, Andy Sofia, Sherissa Wu, Estelle Denker, Ning Ning Thor
BOTTOM (Directors and Secretaries General): Brady Riddle, Celine Wang, Chris Shen, Jordan Finch

Welcome to the Ninth Annual Edition of Shanghai American School Pudong Model United Nations! SHASMUN IX will be held March 13th to 14th at the Pudong Campus of Shanghai American School. Our theme this year is The Butterfly Effect.


The first SHASMUN was held in 2012 with the theme of Introducing Happiness, with over 160 delegates from schools in Shanghai attending. SHASMUN II - The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth - welcomed schools from Hong Kong and Taipei. SHASMUN III - Talkin' 'Bout My Generation - saw participation from schools ranging from Beijing to India, and introduced the ECOSOC committee. SHASMUN IV - The Ethics of Progress - introduced the General Assembly 3 Committee, and welcomed over 300 delegates. SHASMUN V - Won't Get Fooled Again and SHASMUN VI - The Slanted Mirror - introduced the Security Council 2. Last year’s SHASMUN VII - Hear the Echo Chamber - added the Historical Security Council. SHASMUN VIII - The Complacency Crisis – foresaw debate in a veto-less Security Council 2.


We are excited to unveil SHASMUN IX as the most engaging SHASMUN yet! With all that is transpiring in the world at this present moment, the SHASMUN IX Secretariat re-affirms its commitment to hosting and delivering a conference that you have all come to expect of us.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our esteemed directors:
Brady Riddle - MUN Director / SHASMUN Coordinator: brady.riddle@saschina.org

Jordan Finch – MUN Director: jordan.finch@saschina.org